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While low prices matter, customer service matter more.

Buying Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium doesn’t have to be intimidating. Southwest Coins, LLC, is committed to helping you better understand Precious Metals so you can make informed decisions to enhance your investment portfolio or collection. 


Market timing is difficult for any investment. That’s one simple reason many investors look beyond daily price movements and buy physical precious metals for the long-term. When planning to hold an asset, for example, physical precious metals for five to seven years or more, it is less important to consider the cost of the metal for the day, and, historically, more important to examine its performance in relation to other investments.

Depending on what you intend to spend, personal objectives and investment timing are important in considering the conservative dollar-cost averaging approach. Dividing the total sum to be invested into equal amounts and investing those fixed amounts at regular intervals over time has always been beneficial. This approach enables you to scale up or down with the market.

Why Buy Precious Metals from Southwest Coins, LLC?
Southwest Coins, LLC, fast becoming one of the leading Precious Metals dealer in the Southwest, understands the needs of Gold and Silver investors. Now surpassing 15 years in business, Southwest Coins, LLC, distinguishes itself through exceptional customer service, unmatched product quality and options, and a vast supply of resources to help investors develop their ideal investment portfolio.

Although Precious Metals can be part of a balanced portfolio, Southwest Coins, LLC understands this investment isn’t for everyone. It may not suit those who prefer to see their wealth confined purely to numbers on a page. Thrill-seekers may be disappointed to find that Gold prices and Silver prices don’t fluctuate wildly at the whim of global stock markets, as many factors are involved in Precious Metals pricing. Unlike traders of buy-today-sell-tomorrow commodities, investors in Gold and Silver have been known to pass down their collections to future generations. They understand the unique value of an investment they can hold.

Southwest Coins, LLC  provides trained representatives to help you buy Precious Metals online. 

Precious Metals prices are perhaps the most important factor to consider when building your investment. Don’t underestimate the importance of relying on a reputable source. Make Southwest Coins, LLC  your hub for Gold and Silver.

How are Gold and Silver prices determined? A number of factors are taken into consideration. Precious Metals prices are influenced by current events, market speculation, currency values, supply and demand, and buying power. But rest assured that regardless of these factors, Precious Metals retain intrinsic value as a tangible and fungible commodity.

The best way to stay on top of price fluctuations is to become a Southwest Coins, LLC account member, and register. There is no better way to maximize your buying position, as well as your sell or exit strategy.

We offer assistance in liquidation.

Find more options through Southwest Coins, LLC. With Southwest Coins, LLC, your Precious Metals purchase is guaranteed and fully insured. Learn more about your purchasing and shipping options.

Basic US Coin Facts

Pre-1933 U.S. Gold Coins
In 1933, Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102, severely limiting the amount of Gold that could be owned by the public, and requiring the vast majority of Gold coins in the U.S. to be delivered to the government in return for Federal Reserve notes, effectively removing Gold coins from circulation. Private ownership of more than a nominal amount of Gold bullion was not legalized again until 1975. Most Gold coins that were turned in were melted down and stored as Gold bars. This confiscation destroyed millions of coins, the exact numbers of which are not known.
For nearly 140 years, Gold coins were produced by the U.S. Mint for use in commerce alongside Silver and Copper coins. Many Gold bullion investors opt for Pre-1933 Gold coins because of their historical appeal, U.S. government-guaranteed Gold content, low premiums, and clearly denominated face value. These coins are available in $20, $10, and $5 denominations; containing approximately 1 oz, ½ oz, and ¼ oz actual Gold content per coin respectively. Coins with denominations of $1, $2.50, and $3 are also available.

Pre-33 Gold Survivors
Some issues saw almost their entire mintage's wiped out. Of the 180,000 1927 Denver Saint Gaudens $20s, less than two dozen are thought to survive; the 1933 Double Eagle, one of the most famous rarities in U.S. numismatics, originally had a mintage of over 445,000 coins.
Of over 70 million Saint-Gaudens $20 coins originally minted, it is estimated that only 6.3 million survived in all grades. Most of these coins were stored in vaults throughout Europe by banks and private investors and thus were able to avoid the confiscation. Other Pre-33 Gold coins survived by illegal hoarding by citizens who refused to turn over their Gold, or the small quantities individuals could legally retain.

Because of their scarcity and collectible appeal, premiums on Pre-33 Gold coins tend to fluctuate more dramatically than on more modern products. Low-grade, common date $20 coins can be purchased for prices on par with some of the most affordable 1 oz modern bullion offerings such as bars and generic rounds. Investors wishing to add fractional Gold to their holdings will find that $10 Gold coins are a great alternative to ½ oz Gold products and $5 coins are comparable to ¼ oz products. 

Silver Dollar Coins
Silver Dollars were an immensely useful general circulation coin produced by the United States Mint for more than 140 years and today are one of the most popular types of U.S. coins among collectors. Bust Silver Dollars were among the first minted and were only produced for a short time. This relatively small mintage means very few of these fascinating coins survived to be included in contemporary collections.
The second Silver Dollar struck by the United States Mint, the Seated Liberty Dollar, differed from its predecessor in that it remained in production for a long time — more than 30 years. Because of this extended period of production, this particular coin is generally fairly easy to obtain.

Heralded as best and most beautiful of all the Silver Dollar designs, the Morgan Silver Dollar was immediately embraced by U.S. citizens when it debuted in 1878. Production of this coin continued thorough 1904 when it was replaced by the Peace Dollar, but popularity was so high, the Morgan design was produced again for one year in 1921.

Considered one of the most famous examples of United States currency, Peace Dollars were minted from 1921 through 1935. Popular with collectors and investors alike, this series is significant because it was the last U.S. dollar coin intended for circulation struck from Silver. It was also the last series of dollar denomination coins in full-time production for more than 35 years until the U.S Mint began production of the Eisenhower Dollar in 1971.

The Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars both played an important role in American coinage. Morgan Silver Dollars are the most collected U.S. coin. This coin is particularly popular because of its design, place in history and culture when the U.S. Mint released the coins.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. This brief statement cannot disclose all the risks and other significant aspects of trading. You should carefully study trading and consider whether such activity is suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial resources before you trade.



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